Threat of Political Garbage


Garbage in Sri Lanka has metamorphosed itself into a killer and a murderer.

It has taken away many innocent lives from their loved ones. The foul and offensive smell it emanates is unbearable and, day by day, landslides of garbage mountains have become a major threat.

What can we do to solve this garbage issue? One solution is to recycle it. However, the rubbish comprises several different kinds of human detritus, and processing it is so complicated that you have to invent different ways and means to recycle these categories separately, making it a knotty and expensive task.

Meanwhile the climbing garbage mountains seem to challenge human lives both physically and mentally, further complicating an already messy situation.

While we are trying hard to solve our own garbage mess we have been burdened with the garbage "donations", or shall we say "gifts" sent by our colonial overlords.

This had become the normal procedure from the day Sri Lanka became an enslaved nation in 1815. We had to bear all the garbage and the muck that were sent as so-called gifts and donations. The political creatures, responsible for this historical betrayal, not only greeted this foreign garbage with open arms, but they themselves turned into garbage, and are perceived now as rubbish ruling the roost.

Now, in addition to the rubbish of waste material discarded by humans, we have to find solutions for the politically-oriented garbage who seem to be messing up our heritage values, as well as the friendly and peaceful environment we had been enjoying.

And mind you, out of all the categories of garbage, political waste or junk created by the stupid behaviour of these political elements is the most dangerous to all human beings, especially to us in Sri Lanka. It is because this kind of political garbage can spread all sorts of diseases, such as corruption, misuse of state property, robbery etc, resulting in societal degradation, which is slowly and silently encroaching upon the well-being of the rest of us human beings.

Human values, well-respected and safeguarded by our ancestors, have been crushed and destroyed and, instead, money is seen reigning and controlling the minds and actions of everyone. In addition, desire for personal gain has invaded society, resulting in killing each other—physically and mentally—for the sake of survival. The 5/6 majority gained two to three decades ago was the deciding factor leading to this morass. As a result of this so-called "social upheaval", Sri Lankan voters have been turned into victims of politically corrupt elements. A popular idea circulating in the social circles is that "they will sell even their mothers for their personal gain."

At present Sri Lanka is under the yoke of corrupt and rotten political garbage. Voters have been duped and enslaved by this junk. It is time we decided to bring order to our society and our personal lives. We have to abandon and disregard the falsehoods of future dream worlds promised by these political junkies!

As a suggestion, can we have a separate bin in the Parliament premises to dump this political garbage?

It is the bounden duty of the voters to decide wholeheartedly to send this political junk to the waste bin of history.



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