Some thoughts on foreigners and locals who dabble in sri lankan issues



BY Praying Mantis

Many people from foreign climes and several different organisations as well as entire countries have been overtly or covertly dabbling in the affairs of our beautiful motherland. They are hell bent on destabilising this pearl of the Indian Ocean for their own ends. They cannot bear to see this little island prospering. We are becoming a great tourism hub in Asia and they see to it that they issue travel advisories on this resplendent isle at the drop of a hat.

The other day, an English Daily (thankfully not of the Upali Group) had a front page banner headline on the appointment of Lieutenant General Shavindra Silva as the Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, accompanied by a picture of the Executive President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka handing over the appointment document to the Commander. Below that, in several hues and whimpering diatribes, were many reports of various types of Western Governments, Ambassadors and Commissioners, expressing "grave concerns", "anxieties", "worries", and even "apprehensions", on this appointment. Even a local ethnic political group, a confirmed supporter of terrorism, expressed their "misgivings" on this appointment.

The very next day, in the front page of the very same newspaper, there was a pathetic lukewarm response from the Sri Lankan Government that the appointment of the Commander was a "sovereign issue", period. A sub-heading whined "the Foreign Ministry decries undue comments". No recriminations, no calling their bluff and not even a worthwhile retaliation on the sentiments expressed by these Western worthies. What in the name of hell; there was not even a semblance of a retort to those nincompoops to even imply in veiled terms that it was none of their bloody business. This country and its government, with a heritage of over a 2500 year history, should have told these sycophants, mainly from countries with under 500 years of a legacy that was fraught with all kinds of human rights abuses, "you bloody donkeys, you should not even be in this equation". That was not the time for niceties of contemporary diplomacy. A spade had to be called just that., a spade. Just for the record, when these very same people from the Western World, elected to dump their garbage and most dangerous types of waste on our island most recently, our fantastic government did not even express "grave concerns", "anxieties", "worries", and even "apprehensions", on such inhuman behaviour on their part. Damn it!!! They should have been taken pronto to an International Court of Law.

In this latest scenario regarding the Army Commander, all political leaders of all political parties of the whole of Sri Lanka should have stood together, shoulder to shoulder, under the Lion Flag and told the world in one voice that these attempts were a blatant violation of international diplomacy and a disgraceful attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of an autonomous, independent and sovereign country. They should have read out the riot act to the rest of the world. Only people of the calibre of late Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar would have had the guts to do it. He was of course a different man; he was an educated patriot. When he said that the cake was baked in Sri Lanka and Britain only provided the icing, he made it very clear to them that for him Sri Lanka came way before England. The current lot cannot even hold a candle to such people and are not fit even to walk in his shadow.

We just do not have politicians of that mettle and courage. This current lot have their own agendas. If they can get the votes, they will not think twice even about selling their own mothers. Such permanently deranged bootlickers that we have around, would never, I repeat NEVER, think of the country. They have much better things to do, such as lining their own pockets.

There was another thing that we have noticed about these political lackeys in recent times. The media, especially the electronic media, are always full of various types of official and unofficial on-the-run interviews from these local politicians. They are interviewed through vehicle windows, while walking or running and even while seated at a desk. The current lot consists of confirmed Presidential candidates, aspirants to the Presidency, supporting politicians, mouth-pieces for powerful politicos, lackeys of different personalities, boot-lickers and plain fence-sitters. Wherever they go our poor media people are running with them and trying to get some answers to certain burning issues and their thoughts on current problems. However, the breath-taking arrogance of these politicians is quite mind-boggling. They behave not as servants of the people but conduct themselves in a way that suggests that media personnel are their servants. The words used, the tone used and the condescending behaviour of these worthless products of Mother Earth leaves one astounded and completely flabbergasted. They seem to think that they are it. They do not seem to realise what a poor picture they paint once they have uttered a rude and crude repartee to a journalist.

Well, let it be known to these worthless jokers that all forms of media can make or break them. I am totally surprised that so far the worm has not turned. One of these days, the journalists should get together and teach these jokers a thing or two. None of that shouting till one is hoarse or use of innuendos or blatant vilification of opponents or even unabridged splashing of money will be able to mitigate the effect if the media people decide to have a go at them.

We conclude with a final word for Lieutenant General Shavindra Silva, The Commander of the Sri Lanka Army. Dear Sir, it is our fervent hope that this would catch your eye or one of your acolytes would be kind enough to show it to you. Your predecessor General Mahesh Senanayake was a fantastic officer. He was obviously as straight as they come. He showed his real mettle when within just a couple of days from the 2019 Easter Sunday carnage; he ensured that the very backbone of the terrorist organisation was broken. We, as Sri Lankans, are so proud of people like him. You too Commander Sir, have proven yourself in no uncertain terms in battle. We do know what you are capable of. Never mind what these worthless goats from the West say, they can be perturbed to their eye balls for all we care. We do have faith in you and we firmly believe that you will take the Sri Lanka Army to even greater heights. We do hope and pray that this would be the case during your tenure of office. We, the general public of Sri Lanka, unlike our stupid politicians, can recognise class when we see it. May all the deities above look after you and your wonderful family.

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