Elections:Whom to Elect?


Nowadays, everyone is talking about ‘elections’. From our experience of elections in the past, we saw the class of people in the name of politics fatten themselves by various means (a few exceptions).

Coming to the-point, - whom to elect, whom should we elect as our representatives? What qualification should our legislators have?

Those who have modesty, self-restraint, truth, sincerity, and the courage to say what is right, should be our legislators.

The head of the ministers should be that man who has made a name as being self-controlled, never jealous of others. One who is able, never does anything wicked, nor strays away from the path of righteousness, free from lust, fear, greed or wrath, who is clever in transacting business, and whose speech is wise and weighty, who can serve for the progress of the country, should be the foremost of our ministers.

Citizens are leaders - In a democracy, all the citizens are leaders, administrators, executives. Political leaders, who influence the welfare of millions of people, are people with more power. What we need today is for more and more people in our society, the electorate, to accept this ideal.

Educating and awakening the masses lies in the hands of educated people, religious leaders and patriotic citizens of this country. These people should ‘go from door to door’ and by means of facts and reasoning, first awaken people to their ‘Pitiable Condition’ and then instruct them in ways and means for their welfare. Religious leaders have the responsibility to deliver to the masses "The higher truths of Religion"; because without a spiritual foundation, all other accomplishments sooner or later degrade into self-centred actions.

Only when our electorates are thus educated will they be able to think beyond the limits of sect or party and help establish an ideal democracy. The Elections Commission also needs to give a helping hand in such endeavours,



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