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Yes we did make a big sound, early this month (Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019), about the BLAZE band, led by Robin Mendis, based in Canada.

And, now Robin tells us that they are all set for action…come November 2nd, at a prestigious dinner dance, organised by St. Peter’s College OBA Canada.

"We will be performing for a mega dinner dance, let’s say 500 plus people, backing Clifford Richards, this November, in Toronto.

Clifford is a well-known local personality and he excels both as a compere and singer and will certainly be a great asset at the Peterite ball.

Having re-grouped BLAZE after a hiatus of over a year, Robin says he is happy to be a part of the entertainment scene again.

"I am happy to say that I have the privilege of having the famous keyboardist Ozzie Nugera as a member of BLAZE.

"With him around, the setup is really strong.

Robin went on to say that Ozzie Nugara had been in Canada for a while now, but didn’t want to join any band because he wanted a group of people with one goal in mind – to put out a good product.

"When Ozzie heard that I was starting my band again he was all in for the idea, and I am happy he is in my line-up because he is the most experienced musician here and we all can learn a lot from him."

The reformed BLAZE is now made up of Robin Mendis – leader and lead vocals, Ozzie Nugara – keyboards, Grace Banquin - female vocalist / back-up vocals, Rahula Munasinghe - vocals / back-up vocals, Kolitha Jayasekara - lead guitar, Mahesh Jeewantha – drums, Lilan Samaradiwakara - percussions , and Laryn Fernandez – bass.

BLAZE, in fact, was formed in Doha, Qatar, in 2008, and did quite a few gigs in that part of the world.

"When I came to Canada, in 2013, I decided to form my band again, and, in 2016, BLAZE became a reality in Toronto.

"After playing a few gigs, I got tied up with my job, plus we had a few members who also got extremely busy with their office work as well. So, naturally, we decided to take a break."

Robin did mention that the new look BLAZE is now ready to blaze away…to the satisfaction of all music lovers.

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