As Prez, will GR be free to select his top team?


Irrespective of one’s political preference, the statement made by Gotabaya Rajapaksa that development and investment can be fast tracked, by picking the right team to deliver the promises of a new government, needs to be appreciated.

In whatever venture, unbiased team selection is vital for success. As I understand, this statement, made by GR at the last Viyathmaga Convention, at which a representative cross section of Sri Lankan society was present, was primarily with reference to team members of bureaucrats and technocrats, at decision making levels. In this regard, selecting the right people, based on qualifications, experience and track records, should not be difficult.

The country has enough and more qualified, capable, talented and, most importantly, untainted honourable men and women who can be Secretaries to Ministries, who understand the responsibilities of being chief accounting officers, heads of SOES, heads of diplomatic missions, heads of armed services and government departments, and heads of District and Divisional Secretariats.

However, the most challenging task, confronting GR, will be the picking of his frontline political team. Allaying the nation’s fear, of a return to family rule, and keeping out the vultures that have picked the bones of the nation clean and are smacking their lips and waiting impatiently on the comeback trail, will require the highest degree of intrepidity. Sri Lanka’s need of the hour is a man of sterling character who can resist family pressures, and the obligations that may arise to favour the numerous political humbugs that have been living on the fat of this land for too long.

Being Secretary Defence in a strong government, with an elder sibling as the President, and providing leadership to the nation as the Head of State, are entirely different propositions. If elected President, it will be GR’s turn to show that he has a backbone; and a strong and straight one at that!


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