Sirisena - our non corrupt president


We are in the habit of criticising our politicians. We have some politicians with good qualities, but we never appreciate them. Very often we praise leaders for their good qualities after their passing away. This is bad. We must have the courage and the strength to appreciate good qualities of our leaders. We must forget their political party, their religion or any other connections. If a person is good, we must say that he is good.

Consider President Maithripala Sirisena. There are no corruption charges against him. He may me having some weaknesses. He is also a human being, not supernatural.

See the number of corruption complaints against the previous executive presidents.

Some did not earn money for personal use; they collected funds for the political party using their official position. Many are involved in questionable agreements and contracts. Some are accused of misuse of power. Some were like dictators. Some of them were involved in disappearances. Some amended the Constitution for their advantage. Some were accused of supporting terrorists. Some were like kings.

Whatever said and done, Maithripala Sirisena has always been against corruption. He has had no underworld links. He openly attacks the corrupt politicians. He has exposed the corrupt leaders. He never signed questionable contracts and agreements.

President Sirisena is a man from an ordinary village family. His parents or relations are not big politicians. He did not have his education at a privileged school. He did not go abroad for higher education. He may not win future elections. But he is a non-corrupt simple man.



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