Sri Lankan painter Ruwan Prasanna takes its flight

Text by Geraldine Bouvry

With his second solo exhibition called 'Birds Unknown II', Sri Lankan abstract painter Ruwan Pravanna confirms that he is gently taking his flight. Last Friday, at Colombo's Paradise Road Galleries, he displayed his latest series of paintings on a nature-inspired theme, one which is dear to him, starring birds.

This exhibition marks the extension/continuation of his 'journey in seeking space', says the 31 years old artist, native from Galle. His journey had indeed started in 2010, with a first series of paintings, 'Birds unknown I', which were solo-displayed at the same place.

Prasanna introduces his work by explaining that 'Numerous are the birds that fly in the spaces of our world, some are seen and some are unseen. Their space is their paradise, their vestige. This same space is lost to us, humans, everyday, as time goes by. We all desire this space, for a sense of peace, serenity and contentment. This desire is manifested by our constant search for new places that offer it. This space is disappearing for both mankind and the birds that roam through its currents. Such are the places I create on my canvas, with colors that call out to me, instruments that wield so well and quiet moments of time'. (could be condensed if needed)

The open space given by the Paradise Road Galleries, a peace haven in the bustling Colombo city, therefore offered an ideal setting for these paintings.

Of course, the young artist wishes that someday, his paintings will be proposed new pastures and spaces, outside his Sri Lankan nest…

For now, Ruwan Prasanna's exhibition will be running from 12th of March until the 2nd of April 2011 at Paradise Road Galleries, Colombo 3.

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