Elpitiya: A trailer or practice match?


BTS the seven-member South Korean boy band gave a rocking start to the Riyadh festive season at a concert held at King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh. It was a total sell out! There are more varied entertainments scheduled to last the whole month.

While the Riyadh residents are in a festive mood the Russian president Vladimir Putin has arrived in the Saudi capital for his second official visit. He had high word of praise for the friendly relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia. During my 45 long years in Riyadh, I have seen practically most of the world leaders visiting this Saudi capital and some of them even twice or thrice, but strangely enough I have never seen any of our past or present leaders doing so! I hope at least the new president to be elected in a month’s time will at least follow the world leaders and make a state visit to Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump made Saudi Arabia his first foreign country to visit, soon after election as the US President.

Talking about the presidential election in Sri Lanka, two of my Lankan friends had a friendly argument the other day, about the candidates they support. I learn that the ballot paper is going to be slightly longer than two feet and with 35 symbols locating one’s choice is not going to be as easy, as in the case of just two to three candidates in a ballot paper of few inches. The pro-Gota friend said the voters have already seen the trailer at Elpitiya of the box office film they are going to see on the 16th November. The pro-Sajith friend responded by saying what took place at Elpitiya is not a trailer, but just a practice match before the real Test. Whether it was a trailer or a practice match, 16th November will provide an excitement filled needle finish. We hope and pray for an incident free peaceful election.


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