Bouquets for their ‘Shallow’


I’ve heard quite a few local versions of one of the biggest songs of 2018 - ‘Shallow,’ with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the vocal spotlight.

It’s a love song at heart, no doubt, but it’s also about communication and that is what makes the song successful and beautiful and why people cry when they hear it. It’s because that man and woman connect, and they are listening to each other.

The local versions haven’t impressed me much but there’s one track that has got the attention of music lovers.

It was on social media and did get the attention of many.

The version, I’m referring to, is by D Major with Diona Dias.

It’s on YouTube - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper-Shallow (From a Star is Born) Live Cover By D MAJOR With DIONA DIAS.

It has been viewed over 67,000 times, 2.6K ‘thumbs up,’ and with over 200 comments – all bouquets.

I like this particular comment:

"The greatest respect an artiste can pay to music is to give it life, It isn’t always easy to perform in front of an audience. Nice combination and congrats D Major."

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