The mighty pull of GRAVITY


Music lovers must be certainly aware, by now, that the group Gravity is back in the scene.

Of course, it should be good news for many as this particular outfit is led by the versatile and highly professional musician Shafi.

The other revelation is that the ‘born again’ Gravity is made up of a very competent lineup of performers.

In addition to virtuoso Shafi, the rest of the members are Shiran Munasinghe (drums and vocals), Derrick Hepponstall (bass and vocals), Rafi (keyboards and vocals) and Shehan Wanigasekera (vocals).

Let me also add that all five members have got dynamic vocal skills.

Obviously, with such a talented lineup, the mighty pull of Gravity is now being felt, in the music scene, in a big way.

They perform Saturday nights at the Margarita Blue, Galadari Hotel, and are now seen quite often at dances…and weddings, too.

Realising that Sri Lanka’s fun music, better known as the baila, is an important item at dances, and especially weddings, Gravity has added that flavour to their playlist.

In fact, Gravity has a wide and varied repertoire - ranging from Commercial Pop, Dance, and Blues, to Jazz, R&B, Country, Folk, Pop Rock, and the Baila.

The band will usher in the New Year, 2020, at the Paradise Beach, Mount Lavinia - a 31st special happening that is being put together by Richard de Zoyza.

They say Gravity will show its musical versatility by playing the right kind of music to keep 31st night revellers dancing…all night long. The local favourites will be there, too!

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