Way to find tools for fulfilling election promises via Emotional Intelligence


This is a very passionate appeal to all 35 Presidential Election contestants. The country needs a new approach to overcome the current crisis. It is clear that all the contestants are dedicated to serve the people of this country. An election is a tool to find out who is going to be the leader in this sacred endeavour. A leader in this country, at this juncture, should have the ability to connect with the topmost category in all fields and disciplines. Most importantly the researchers, CEOs of all small and big companies, sole proprietors, individual business magnates, and prominent people in all social strata should be connected with in order to help the poor and the poorest of the poor. All contestants have put out their proposals. The strategies they use to win the election are visible. But none has clarified what tools they have to fulfil promises they make to the masses.

With this appeal I wish to offer a suitable tool, which can be used to make many other tools to find solutions to a variety of problems in the country. The world discovered this tool recently in the concept of ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ My humble request is for them to use it confidently as the country possesses ample resources to achieve amazing results in a short period. Many researchers, from different countries, have already joined the UNO and are struggling to bring prosperity to the world through this concept. The challenge here is to get people to turn inward and become self-aware to perceive Emotional Intelligence. In this attempt, all academics will see how Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) can be used as a tool first to level the playing field for people who are going to cast their vote and the following especially designed definition which suits the deep philosophy of Emotional Intelligence will show how levelling the field can take place.

The definition of Emotional Intelligence: "The thoughts constantly occurring in the minds of people irrespective of caste or creed. They are naturally able to manage such thoughts inwardly with or without any outside support. The ability to perceiving thoughts and managing them on their own is called Emotional Intelligence."

Modern thinking is highly critical of intelligence and it has arrived at it with the help of many research findings that traditionally accepted that IQ can account only for 20 per cent of intelligence whereas Emotional Intelligence the ratio is about 80 per cent. The most important feature of this is that the people with a lower level of intelligence can be developed to achieve 80 per cent of EQ. In the West more and more research is being carried out and ‘Sustainable Development Goals’(SDG) hub of the UNO engaged in this research activities are from universities from a large number of countries, such as our neighbour India, some European countries, the UK, Australia, Japan and South Africa. Our local universities should get involved with research as this topic belongs more to Asia and unbiasedness is all what we need to reject poor quality research coming from advanced countries. I have designed a short programme but a very strong one to lay a solid foundation to achieve prosperity at this decisive moment.

Pre-Presidential Election period (any election )

• Responsibilities of the Presidential Election contestants

Pre-election period

1. Networking individual members and sympathizers of their respective parties who possess the knowledge of the subject ‘Emotional Intelligence’. They can vary from people with little knowledge to experts. As any person with or without any education at all can understand this simple concept, any such person who has some interest or enthusiasm can be used to educate the masses together with experts. Their main responsibility is to give this topic maximum publicity using the media before the deadline to stop election propaganda is issued by the relevant authorities.

2. In addition to the normal introduction with a very simple definition of the subject and its importance have to be perceived. A deep knowledge is not at all necessary at the beginning.

3. Grasp the strength of Emotional Intelligence to help the common man and work with educated (and all categories described under 1 above) and consider creatively how to use the concept to level the field especially for the poor and uneducated common man.


1) To continue work stated as mentioned above irrespective of who wins the election and to find ways to unite with all opposition parties and explore how to ground this concept in the country.

2) Collect facts to establish the idea that the policy of opposition parties to overthrow or develop strategies to beat the ruling party at the next election soon after one election.

3) Develop the idea that attacking the ruling party endlessly is indirectly depriving the poor common man of getting some relief to develop themselves.

In the words of the United Nations Academic Impact, which hosted a conference titled ‘Unlocking your emotions to achieve the SDGS in which experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness,’ how their tools could be implemented on education and used to achieve a more useful and prosperous world.

Any enthusiastic person who gains the self-awareness relating to Emotional Intelligence can contribute to this concept. This is the magnificence of this philosophy which has been well nourished in Asian countries for centuries.

Gaminithilaka Pandikorala

Email: olos_e@yahoo.com

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