Music and dance her forte…


Senani Gunatilleke is relatively new to the scene here – although she started singing at a very young age.

"Music had always been a part of my childhood, growing up, and my parents identified and encouraged my talent, and love, for all things music, at a very young age," says Senani.

She started Classical Ballet, under the Royal Academy of Dance, at the tender age of two, and piano lessons, at the age of six.

Her family then moved from Dubai (her birthplace), to Sri Lanka, in 2005, where she continued with her piano lessons.

She says she realised her passion for music lay, specifically,in combining the skills, she had acquired at her piano lessons, with her ability, and love, for singing."

Apart from joining the school choir, Senani also went for voice training lessons.

"Miss Sureka Amerasinghe and Mrs. Naomi Goonaratne were major influence in my singing career."

After she left school, Senani travelled overseas, first to Malaysia, and then Australia, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science and Business, at Monash University. "During my time, at university, I continued my passion for singing, both for Monash University and externally, as well."

Senani returned to Sri Lanka, last year, and has been singing, professionally, ever since.

This extremely talented artiste primarily performs as a soloist but occasionally work with other artistes, too.

She says her main clientele includes corporate and private events, adding that she also works with many different bands.

"The genres I sing vary from jazz to pop, classical and even RnB."

Discussing her future plans, Senani said:

"What lies ahead of me, specifically for the year 2020, is a schedule, quite literally jam-packed, with music and dance!"

Her goal and aim, she says, is to work on multiple aspects of her career, as a musician – working on her own music and also collaborating with other artistes in the music industry in Sri Lanka.

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