Musaeus College girls’ compassion


Musaeus College students releasing birds.

What a heart-warming sight it was to see the picture of the girls of Musaeus College, a leading Buddhist school, releasing caged birds as an act of compassion to celebrate the school’s 128th Birthday. All those involved in it – the girls, teachers, the Management of the school should be congratulated, and the Editor of The Island, too, who had given prominence to this on the front page, on this auspicious day of the national presidential elections (Nov 16th), which too was symbolic in a way.

These young minds can retain such compassionate acts and thoughts for the rest of their lives, and develop their minds further on compassion (karuna), as taught by the Buddha. Of the 4 Brhama Viharas (Metta, Karuna, Muditha, and Upekkha), Metta and Karuna can overlap each other or go hand in hand very often. These 4 virtues can be considered as very useful "tools" for reflecting upon and meditating or even practiced while going about one’s daily activities. Compassion, however, is not suffering or being sorrowful along with those in distress, but understanding and trying to help them in whatever way one could. It can be even a kind word or a word of encouragement. Muditha (happiness / sympathetic joy at others’ success) and Upekkha (equanimity) could also be associated with Compassion.  

With Metta and Karuna.


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