Gotabaya Rajapaksa's decisive victory


Jehan Perera, writing in The Island on 19th November, says that the expectation was that both of the two leading candidates, i.e., Gotabaya and Sajith, would not get a clear mandate, and hence a second preference re-count would be required. Several commentators like Kumar David had suggested that, urging the people voting for the JVP to mark the second preference for Sajith. This time around, the JVP has not claimed that the election results are a mere "computer Jilmart".Most of us do not get our nourishment, drinks and pocket money from the Colombo cocktail circuit and/nor from foreign-funded NGO accounts. We knew that the JVP candidate would lose even his deposit and that Gotabaya Rajapaksa would go over the 50% mark with ease.Jehan Perera's analysis, as usual, is based on race-based projection of election outcomes, while holding in common with the Marxist writers that the Rajapaksas are synonymous with what they call the brutal end to the war and the fascist suppression of opposition. The Marxist political pundits are quite amnesic about the brutality of the-end-justifies-the-Bolshevik-means" philosophy of their peers who have given the world a majority of Pol-Pot style dictators. Furthermore, these individuals have always been ready to write off the collaborationist pro-LTTE politics of the TNA, while pushing for "peace-talks" at any cost with terrorist Tigers. However, having been in power for nearly five years, all those who engineered the regime change have proved none of the allegations against their rivals, in courts. The JVP and "Hela Urumaya" leaders were the most vociferous, accusing the Rajapaksas.  The Marxists pundits have found themselves in the same camp as the Western Capitalist powers and the strongly racist Tamil Diaspora in their hatred of the Rajapaksas for different reasons. The West hated the Rajapaksas for not being subservient to them while the Diaspora opposed them as they knew that as long as the Rajapaksas were in power, their plans for a separatist regime in the merged North-East would never reach fruition.Gotabaya Rajapaksa's victory came as no surprise to anyone who had seen the outcome of the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha election. Remember that these pundits, the western military strategists, as well as the UNP leaders, held that the war against Prabhakaran was "unwinnable". After the war was over, Yasmin Sooka's outfit claimed that the IDP centres were concentration camps, and that the IDPs would never be resettled. The MacKenzie Institute, a Canadian Think Tank, was the first to reject these claims as being without substance.Gotabaya, during his tenure as the Defence Secretary proved, contrary to the claims of experts, that the war was winnable. During his tenure as the head of the Urban development Authority, he proved that an ugly and stinking city full of slums and undisciplined drivers, could be developed. The "Yahapalanaya" has ruined the city again. Now, by winning the presidency Gotabaya has demolished the myth that no candidate could win a presidential election without the backing of the minority parties.


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