Lethal find in paddy field: STF defuses 24 grenades


Twenty-four live hand grenades were recovered from an abandoned paddy filed at Kokkadicholai in Vavunathivu in Batticaloa by police STF commandos, police said yesterday.

A resident of the Kancharamkudah who visited filed to extract clay for brick making saw some hand grenades in a polypropylene bag and alerted the officials of the Vavunathivu STF camp on Saturday.

Kokadicholai police and STF summoned the STF Bomb disposal unit and dug up the bombs.

Police said that they were Type 82 hand grenades also known as Gammon Bombs. They were rusty. Police believed those grenades had been buried by the LTTE during the war.

The STF members defused the bombs.

Kokkaddicholai police are carrying out further investigations.

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