UNP: Time to restore the Elephant symbol


I agree with Srilal Jayasuriya’s well written letter, "Sajith! Leave Hambantota, come back to … Colombo Central", in these columns. Despite his years of service to the people of the area, many voters not only turned their backs on him at the Presidential election; but some also enjoyed milk rice ("to celebrate his defeat") in the very houses that Sajith Premadasa had built for them. The saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished". As Jayasuriya stated, Premadasa should not allow the strong political base that his father "nursed and nurtured" to decline, and return to Colombo Central to rebuild the UNP.

Let the ungrateful voters of Hambantota enjoy the aircraft-less airport, the cricket-less stadium, the conference-less convention facilities, and the highways where elephants roam. Let them also contemplate the other debt-trap, the harbour, now in Chinese hands.

For many elections, the swan, associated with grace and beauty, with love and poetry, was the UNP coalition’s election symbol. But, dwelling in the yahapalanaya government’s polluted swamp, under the sorry leadership of the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe duo, the swan has not only lost its appeal but has also become toxic to voters. For many years since independence, the UNP Elephant stood for democracy, honesty, and just plain decency. I know that UNP supporters long to see it back.

I hope Premadasa can work out an arrangement with coalition partners and restore the Elephant symbol to the UNP.


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