Is Ranjan a red herring?


However authentic or not the reports are about Ranjan Ramanayake one thing is certain. When the new government came into power there were high hopes that at least now the people in the country would be able to survive without having to pay exorbitantly for their daily bread. The farmers are very disappointed because they thought that the new government would look in to the problem of fertilizers at affordable prices. The excuse of the government is that these things cannot be done overnight. They want time. Food prices are going up and even the basic necessities like vegetables have become out of the reach of many breadwinners. Unemployment is at the same level as before. A recent visit to the health sector by the president of the country proved that it is no better than when Rajitha Senarathna was Health Minister. During the election campaign the people were made to believe that things would be better after the presidential election. As we all know the legendary statement made by the jaggery maker to the king "Kiyanakota ehemai, Karanakota mehemai"

To take the minds away from the burning issues of the day the so called conversations of Ranjan Ramanayake with the judiciary were highlighted. The news media both electronic and print, grabbed the opportunity and almost every news bulletin was nothing but what Ranjan Ramanayake said or did. I am not denying the seriousness of interfering with judges regarding any matter. But the synchronization of the burning problems of the country with Ranjan’s behavior seem to be the work of a mastermind who had studied the effects of using a red herring. The thief or burglar disappeared throwing the red herring in the opposite direction to mislead the police dogs who were engaged in the detection.

For quite some time the Ranjan red herring will remain in the minds of the voters who were promised heaven and earth like the famous lady in this country who became the first Prime Minister of the world promising anything and everything even from the moon. Her daughter made a similar promise before becoming president of this country that she would sell bread at only three rupees and fifty cents. On those occasions there were no red herring and the people believed the promises without realizing that election promises are made to dupe the people who are extremely gullible in this country.

Deepal Samarasiri



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