Real depth of leaked information


I wish to add my comments to the news item captioned "Our MPs too may be on Ranjan’s tapes but we are not afraid". (The Island January 17th, 2010).

The boldness of the JVP is understandable. According to what I have learnt over the years, it is the party, least corrupt. However, I am not at all interested in party politics plaguing this country for decades. Nor do I hold a brief to any political party. I only wish to comment on issues.

I am aware that what I write here will certainly go against the grain of the current thinking. Many highly placed and respected people have condemned the act of leaking this information. I do not, for a moment, condone the illegal and unethical manner, in which the privacy and the confidence of certain individuals have been violated. However, that is the lesser offence in this context. In my view what has been done is right and how it has been done is wrong. Perhaps, the doer took the risk knowing that bringing it up before the authorities, via the conventional channels, will have little or no effect.

When the elite interests of the corrupt West found themselves threatened, they unleashed their propaganda machine to divert attention away from the root cause, to lay the entire blame on, and condemn the individual who let the world know, thereby suffocating the real action needed to rectify the fault, and to redress the aggrieved interests. The result is that the dust is settled now while each and every ill, and negative aspect of the "Wild West" that was highlighted, continue in gay abandon, with increased vigour as evident in the dishonesty and the selfish, callous conduct of the self- appointed policeman of the world. Lots of dubious titles have been earned such as "international bully", "narcissist", "Hitler, the Second". Yet the rest of the world keeps watching in dismay and disbelief, because the conventional modes, like the UN, is ineffective.

While blaming the illegal and unethical mode of revelation, the greater attention should be on strategies and methodologies of rectification. And it should be impartial and bold, because the issue seems to be systemic, involving the Legislature, the Executive, and now the time honoured Judiciary as well; the three cornerstones of democracy.



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