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Everyone is aghast and justifiably upset to various degrees over the US move to ban army commander Shavendra Silva and his family from entering the US on "trumped" up but serious war crimes allegations. There are howls of protests as expected from every quarter. But let not the actual purpose of this move be covered up with all this noise. It is simply a US tactic to muscle Sri Lanka to sign their MCC and SOFA (and god knows what other) agreements they desperately need Sri Lanka to sign. If Sri Lanka signs all these, all the allegations will be dropped overnight and Shavendra Silva and his whole family would be welcomed to US with open arms. Their need and urgency was naked when they tried to get the very willing Wickremesinghe government to sign these agreements, even before it went to parliament. The agent of champions of democracy, the American ambassador, even said the parliament can have a debate on it AFTER they signed it!! If not for the civil protests it could have happened exactly as the ambassador wanted.

The blame for all this lies with the former foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera, who honeymooned with the US diplomats probably promising them the sun, the moon, and Sri Lanka on a platter.

Sri Lanka need to look at this episode dispassionately and logically and act accordingly, not react. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is bound by his promise that he will not sign anything detrimental to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty or unitary status. The preliminary report on these agreements are with the president now. We all can trust him to be vigilant and wise to all these international arm twisting maneuverings that could be detrimental to Sri Lanka.

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