Five-star setting for Rajiv and The Clan


Thirty years in show business and Rajiv and The Clan are on the right track where celebrations are concerned…for 2020.

Yes, they have got themselves a five-star contract and they went into action at The Breeze Bar, Cinnamon Grand Hotel, on Friday, February 14th, and will be doing this particular scene every Friday – from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

It was way back, in the early Nighties, that Rajiv and The Clan experienced a five-star setting – performing in the lobby of the Hilton Colombo.

The late Harold Seneviratne was in charge of the hotel’s entertainment, during that era, and Rajiv says that it was Harold who guided the band and instilled in them the requirements necessary to perform in a lobby.

"Our music had to be at a level where even the guests, closest to the bandstand, should be able to converse among themselves and be heard."

With this in mind, Rajiv and The Clan created the right atmosphere for guests, at The Breeze Bar, on Valentine’s Day, to have an enjoyable evening.

"We did a mix and made sure that we catered, musically, to every guest present that evening."

And, to Rajiv’s surprise, Harold Seneveratne’s daughter was there, too!

Rajiv and The Clan kicked off their 30 years celebration, in 2020, with an overseas gig, in Dubai, in January.

It was a prestigious dance, held at the Carlton Palace Hotel, on January 31st, and organised by

St. Peter’s College OBU – UAE.

‘Peterite on the Mat III’ was the titled of the dance and it was a fun-filled event, said Rajiv

It took the form of a ‘paduru party,’ as the evening progressed, with Rajiv appropriately dressed up for the occasion – in sarong!

While in Dubai, Rajiv also did two Sinhala musical videos’

"I want to create some lovely memories this year, for my fans, and music lovers, in general, and this is just the start of our 30 years in show business celebrations."


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