LAUGFS Car Care ensures motor health of vehicles during pandemic


The prolonged curfew in Colombo and Gampaha districts gravely limited the access to vehicle servicing and repairs. Moreover, motor vehicles not being used for an elongated period of time were more likely to develop problems due to being idle. LAUGFS Car Care, recognizing the need in the market for such services, was the first to initiate an operational model to reach out to customers that were confined to their homes.

The LAUGFS Car Care mobile service concept allowed all motor vehicle owners to reach out to technical professionals through Facebook or the dedicated hotline and state their need for service, thereafter customers were provided with an appointment, which was honoured within 24 hours of making the request.

Once a customer had made their appointment, the LAUGFS Car Care team visited their residence to fulfil the service requirement. The services that were offered through this mobile service were mainly three-fold. Lubricant/filter change for full-service dues/oil drainages; battery replacements/re-charging or any other electrical issues due to the sedentary condition of the motor vehicles and technical assistance through engine scan/vehicle inspection, thereafter addressing any repairs that were needed.


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