Creating a precedent


Having been compelled to comply with strict regulations imposed by the government, instructed by the health authorities, for a period of over two months, the entire country watched in awe or horror the total scant respect, to the laws of the land, displayed by a section of the populace at the funeral of the late Minister Thondaman. Who should be held responsible is not for us to deduce. However, will such action set in motion a precedence for the forthcoming campaign of the general elections? And that too, not limited to a single district but island-wide! That’s the question to ponder over.

It is highly improbable that the pandemic would have been totally wiped off by whichever date the elections are held. Hence, it could be safely assumed that restrictions would undoubtedly be enforced.

Knowing full well the attitudes and capabilities of our politicians, a repetition of sorts is certain. With alcohol and cash thrown around in plenty and suckers born every minute, what ill stop rampaging from taking place. Who would care for safety measures in any case.

The end result will be that all the efforts implemented and strenuous work carried out, to contain and combat the corona virus, will go down the cess-pit.

The authorities have been given a nudge, enough food for thought, a bitter lesson to learn from.


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