People like man gorged by a bull after his fall from a tree ­ – JVP


JVP Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia Municipal Councilor Samanmalee Gunasinghe addressing a press conference held at the Avakasha Hall in Battaramulla yesterday. Chairperson of the WFR,Saroja Savithri Paulraj looks on 

By Saman Indrajith

Economic policy of incumbent government reminded one of the old local sayings, gahen wetuna minihata gona enna waagei (like the man who falls from a tree being gored by a bull), says the JVP-led Women For Rights (WFR)organisation.

Addressing the media at the Avakasha Hall in Battaramulla, JVP Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia Municipal Councilor Samanmalee Gunasinghe said: "All people were engaged in a massive struggle to fight off coronavirus crisis during the past two months. All including security forces and health workers rendered a dedicated service. The country is now returning to normalcy. We are beginning to feel the economic burden of the crisis as we receive the electricity and water bills, school fees and other expenses of children, transport bills, health and other utility payments. All other governments introduced relief measures to help people regain their livelihoods. This is not to be seen in Sri Lanka. By this time around 300,000 have lost their jobs. In addition many others engaged in daily-wage jobs have lost their livelihoods. Manpower workers have been told that their services are no longer needed. Services of employees who have not completed their first six months at the free trade zone have been discontinued. Salaries have been cut down of almost all employees in the private sector. What the government has done to alleviate this crisis?

"The government has increased tax after tax. It says the price of a kilo of rice is Rs 98, but nowhere can we find rice at that price. Prices of all essential food items have increased.

"The government said it would give Rs. 5,000 to people, but it turned out to be a political project. Now the government is recouping it by way of increases in water and electricity bills. A person who used 35 units of water for Rs. 2,186 in March now receives a bill of Rs. 5,335 for two months April and May. They count the number of units together.

Chairperson of the WFR, Saroja Savithri Paulraj said that people in the plantations sector were undergoing many hardships as they had lost their jobs. "They were promised to give Rs. 1,000 a day but it was put off indefinitely," she said.

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