CBSL decision brings some bounce to bourse

By Hiran H.Senewiratne 

Yesterday the CSE was somewhat down due to profit taking and foreign selling pressure but some consolation came from the Central Bank' policy decision to support the economy by giving credit guarantees for loans to business entities that had been affected by COVID 19 coupled with low prices prevalent in valuable stocks, market analysts said.

Consequently, both indices moved downwards, i.e., the All Share Price Index went down by 10.08 points and S and P SL20 declined by 11.67 points. The day's turnover stood at Rs. 1.19 billion with five crossings. Those crossings were reported in JKH, which crossed 700,000 shares to the tune of Rs. 87.5 million, its per share value being Rs. 1`25, Access Engineering four million shares crossed for Rs. 74 million, per share value Rs. 18.50, HNB 600,000 shares crossed for Rs. 68.7 million, its per share value being Rs. 63 and Hemas Holdings 400,000 shares crossed for Rs. 25.2 million, its per share value standing at Rs. 63.

In the retail market, the top five companies that contributed to yesterday' s turnover were; NTB Rs. 286.7 million (4.5 million shares traded), Commercial Bank Rs. 108.8 million (1.4 million shares traded), JKH Rs. 63.4 million (505,000 shares traded) Dialog Rs. 36.4 million (three million shares traded) and HNB Rs. 35.2 million (307,000 shares traded).During the day 34.5 million share volumes changed hands in 9052 transactions.  

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