A conspiracy against our country


by K Godage

We are indeed sitting on a powder keg, for forces hostile to this government are seeking to undermine and destabilize our country. There has obviously been a huge conspiracy. It is more than a coincidence that the release of the US Country Report on Sri Lanka came at the same time that Ban Ki-moon released his Panel’s report; timed to coincide with the Sinhala –Tamil New Year celebrations and intended amongst other things to damage relations between the two communities. If this proves anything it exposes how our ‘enemies’ are conspiring and coordinating their activities to effect colossal damage to the country. There is also no doubt that these hostile elements intend to use the contents of the two cooked reports to move the Security Council the UN Council on HR and then move to the International Criminal Court with a view to effecting a regime change in this country.

I do not put it beyond Blake supported by his ‘Eelam government in exile’ friends in the US to have a plan to divide the country and secure the northern and eastern seaboard to counter Chinese ‘expansion’, as they see it in the Indian Ocean region.

Why else is Blake continuing to flog a dead horse with his allegations of war crimes – what does he hope to gain? And why is he so persistent even to the extent of almost getting personal? He is now threatening us with an International Accountability Commission. They do have another agenda. It was indeed a good thing that his planned visit here was cancelled for he has indeed become a hate symbol here because of his persecution mania.

When they point one finger at us there are three pointing at them; Why not have an International Accountability Commission for Iraq and hang Bush (and his lapdog Blair) for having wrecked a stable country and brought suffering on millions of innocent people. And that is not all I wonder if Blake and company have forgotten about Mai Lai and the widespread use of Nepalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, Senator Bob Kerry could brief them on that; I wonder whether Blake and his friends have already forgotten the village of Grani in the province of Bala Boluk in Afghanistan, whether it means anything to them, that is where the US Air Force bombed and killed over 130 innocent men women and children on 5th May 2009 and what had Hillary Clinton’s response been, as reported in the New York Times, –"Very sorry about it but lets move on". Hillary Clinton is the person who drew a distinction between good terrorists such as the LTTE (she received millions from the US Tamil Diaspora for her campaign) and bad terrorists who are those against the US, in an interview with Michael Tomasky as reported in Britain’s Guardian in November 2007, and thereby gave Terrorism worldwide its biggest boost in years. The US, which is preaching to us, has caused over 45000 deaths in Afghanistan alone; In the Global Edition of the New York Times columnist William Yardley wrote that members of a US army unit having consumed drugs, randomly killed innocent civilians with impunity, this has not been an isolated incident. Almost a million people, including half a million children have died as a consequence of the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which they now admit never existed. What is happening in Libya today where they say that they are only focusing on bringing about a regime change, ——on the first day of their intervention it is reported that they fired 110 Tomahawk missiles each costing one million dollars and dropped 45 one thousand kg bombs containing depleted uranium warheads – killing hundreds. The US and the French claim that they are doing this to protect the people from their government! And these are the people who are seeking to preach to us and calling for Accountability..

Yes this is the US that is pointing a finger at us; would Blake have dared file similar reports against any other South Asian country where there is continuing unrest and accusations of brutality by the governments. Take what is happening in Pakistan, (they cannot call for an Accountability Commission on ‘happenings’ in Pakistan of course, for they have themselves committed many atrocities. They have picked on us for we are a safe target and more importantly they are doing this in the first instance to please the Tamil Diaspora, which has been quite free with their millions of dollars (even contributing lavishly to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign as mentioned earlier) buying support for their cause. Blake In addition to pleasing those circles mentioned above, the US is seeking to counter the Chinese charge into the Indian Ocean by creating a separate state in Sri Lanka and controlling our sea board. Their actions are also inspired undoubtedly by the huge grudge they bear against this country, our government and people. This is evident from his own actions, from the day he took over as Assistant Secretary he has set out to hound us. Days after he took office he held discussions with Rudrakumaran and his’Eelam in exile’ group of Tamil politicians, when he was here as Ambassador he held regular meetings with the TNA, the local political opposition and NGOS hostile to this government, which were well funded (the story has now been revealed) by the US and Western countries hostile to us

US persecution of this country has in actual fact done much harm to US interests in Asia and the Indian Ocean region; he is not unaware of our strategic importance, which has grown with the emergence of China as the second most powerful Navel power in the world affecting US interests in the region; destabilizing the country and seeking to effect a regime change appears to be a first step to safeguarding their interests, effecting a separation’ as in Sudan’ and elsewhere would come later.

Let us list the accusations being made in their State Department Report, commencing with accusing the President of appointing two of his brothers to executive office (it is acknowledged even by UNP members of Parliament that they have acquitted themselves well – and further that our twenty seven year old war would never have been won had it not been for Secretary Defence Gotabhaya Rajapakse), The Report reeks with hate and makes fictitious accusations such as accusing the government of the abuse of children, trafficking in persons and child labour etc, They accuse us of every conceivable sin, these accusations alone serve to expose the prejudice and hate that has gone into the report, They appear not to have been too concerned about credibility as its marketability to damage our country. The first draft of the report would have been prepared by the Embassy here and Blake and his cohorts would have spiced it up in Washington. The Report accuses the Military of torture and abuse of detainees —- they must be called upon to substantiate these very serious allegations. Those of us who have visited rehabilitation camps where former LTTE cadres are detained, including the one in Vavunia, have only heard reports of humane treatment. This whole report is obviously a part of the slander campaign against this country and its ‘native government; as one westerner once described our government, probably because our President does not wear a lounge suit, a cultural difference they find it difficult to come to terms with.

Our government is not without blemish, we need to get meaningful Democracy changing our electoral system, Reform our Justice system and enthrone the Rule of Law, empower the marginalized groups in our society and build a Sri Lanka nation. These are all matters we are conscious of and are working to realize, yes to create a Sri Lanka nation where all communities can live with dignity, in security and as equal citizens who are proud to be Sri Lankan, Blake and his cohorts should recall the words of Christ and ask themselves who amongst them is without sin that can cast the first stone.

However speaking for ourselves, yes as stated earlier we need to get our house in order, practice value based politics and show the world that we are the inheritors of a two thousand five hundred year civilization and we do not need lessons from any country which is two hundred and fifty years old (or any ephemeral ‘Union’) and has in these two hundred and fifty years used not only Nuclear bombs and wrecked havoc on our world and is threatening countries they disagree with, whilst blasphemously having as its motto IN GOD WE TRUST!. May God help us and save us from these so called ‘friends’ and their fictitious, biased, hypocritical, prejudiced and deceitful Country Reports.

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