Moon in Blind Man’s Bluff on Sri Lanka


By Lucien Rajakarunanayake

It’s not the effect of the Bak Full Moon last Saturday that has kept everyone thinking of moon these past few days. The thoughts are all about the other moon – the Ban Ki-moon – who seems to be having more than a few blind spots in his vision, especially when his eyes are human rights violations and the accountability of governments, as long as they do not being to the "International Community" that he serves better than he does the United Nations that pays him for whatever he does.

It is no secret that that the man is looking for a job extension, and at such times people with more jelly than bone and muscle on one’s spine, are known to do many twists and turns that are usually not associated with biped vertebrates of the human kind. It seems he is singing very loud for his supper, and the songs are those with words written by the so-called Tamil Diaspora, set to a tune written by a combination of the International Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and orchestrated by what poses off as the International Community.

It would not bother if this "moon-man" who is eager to be kept in his job at the cost to the members of the United Nations, does his singing in the confines of his bathroom, even if it would bring protests from his neighbours. The problem is that he is singing from a song sheet of hypocrisy very much in public, and the harsh notes of the tune and words of venom in the lyrics are directed at Sri Lanka; for the singular offense of being the only country to have successfully defeated, nay decidedly routed a ruthless terrorist organization, to wit the LTTE.

It would appear that this moon-man, who is obviously glad to moonshine for those who promise to extend his tenure,  will keep singing, braying or neighing or even howling – his piece of hypocrisy and deceit, depending on what those who prod him want done. But there are aspects other than his singing a song of hate against Sri Lanka that raises concerns about his vision too. For, it appears that Ban Ki-moon only sees what he looks for or what his manipulators want him to look for. This is particularly so what it comes to matters of Human Rights, humanitarian law and aspects of accountability in situations of conflict.

Just an example – you must have heard of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of passing classified information to Wikileaks. The media had much to say abou6t how badly, in fact cruelly and indignity, he is being treated a military prison in the US  - certainly nearer to New York where the "moon-man" lives at world expense, than the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The case of Bradley Manning has also led to a different song – it sung by big-ticket fundraisers for Barack Obama, at a San Francisco hotel on Thursday (April 22). As the Los Angeles Times reported it: "Brushing off his [Obama’s] suggestion to wait, the 10 people seated at the table burst into a refrain that lamented the Pentagon’s detention of Manning, described as abuse by human rights advocates… The song also on Florida Rev. Terry Jones, who recently burned a copy of the Koran, sparking a deadly reaction in Afghanistan."

It is now certain that Ban-Ki-moon has turned his eyes and ears away from the plight of Pfc Bradley Manning, however loud American citizens may sing in protest about his inhumane treatment. Ban Ki-moon has been refused permission to send a representative to meet Bradley Manning, and he has said nothing about appointing any committee to advice him on aspects of accountability by the Pentagon or the US Government on this matter. His eyes don’t stray into such inconvenient places, where his future paymasters hold sway.

His eyes are also turned away from Guantanamo, a long time prison under worst conditions, for those who are neither prisoners of war nor enemy combatants or civilians engaged in crime.  Ban Ki-moon is said to have gone to an optician and obtained contact lenses that will divert his vision away from Guantanamo for as long as it exists or he is Secretary General, whichever is longer.  He has also shrugged off any suggestions that he appoint a panel of one, three, five,  seven or any fancy number to advice on aspects of war crimes, human rights violations or aspects of accountability by the former President George W Bush and his Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who set up Guantanamo Prison,  and incumbent President  Barack Obama, Secretary of Defence Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who are jointly responsible for continuing the crimes against humanity at Guantanamo.

We are all aware of what’s happening in the Arab Street today. What began in Tunisia  and soon expanded  in Egypt, is now having is reverberations in all overt what was once the strongholds of the western preachers of democracy who were ( and are still)  embracing dictators, whether kings or presidents to whom the very concept of peoples’ rights is anathema. Ban-Ki-moon gave an impression of feeling very sad for the people of Libya, who are being threatened by their ruler Muammar Gaddafi.  But, neither he nor his advisors on human rights, nor any of the national leader who pay lip service to Arab democracy today, were doing anything about the attacks of freedom, the media, trade unions, political parties and the widespread torture these regimes are known for, and was taking place in all these countries, from where western investors in oil made their profits, and the rulers kept the wasteful wheels of avaricious economy turning.

Ban Ki-moon never thought of having any panel to advice him on all or any of these violations or about the accountability of the rulers of these states, or investors who propped up these rulers, on aspects of accountability for a host of crimes they must be responsible for.  The worst example is Bahrain, where shortly after the Revolution in Egypt, the Shia majority rose in protest against the absolute rule of its Sunni royalty.  Ban Ki-moon, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who can tango to the beat of hypocrisy, did not make any protests about the slaughter of Shia protesters on the streets of Bahrain. In fact Hillary Clinton praised the Saudi’s for sending tanks, armoured cars and heavily armed troops to suppress the Bahraini people. We know it was all because of the US military base there which protects US oil and other economic interests in the region, and not democracy. It is evident that Ban Ki-moon has still not thought of appointing any panel of experts, or others, to advice him on the accountability of the Bahraini royalty for crimes against humanity.

This ‘moon-man",  the clear darling of so-called Human Rights activists who have a strange understanding with the Tamil Diaspora that is yet to condemn  the LTTE’s child so0ldiers and suicide killers, as well as other horrendous crimes against humanity, has so many blind spots in his vision on Human Rights and Accountability. One must wonder if he will ever see things straight and right – dependent as he is for the patronage of hypocrisy in the international community for his very survival. He may have been good at playing blind man’s buff as a child. But what he is doing today is not such a child’s game, but a highly dangerous Blind Man’s Bluff – to fool the world on the truth about Sri Lanka.

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