Turning a blind eye to LTTE atrocities?


The BBC has, for the most part, shown prejudicial and biased reporting on events in Sri Lanka. Today (26/4/11) was exceptionally misleading and biased. On BBC TV they showed visuals of bombed out vehicles which gave the distinct impression that the Sri Lanka army was responsible. In actual fact, these were part of the large number of vehicles of all types which Tiger leader Prabhakaran grouped together, filled them with explosives and set them off a few days before the war ended, so that they would not fall into the hands of the SLA or were they the many stolen vehicles from around the island which ended up in terrorists hands?

In a moving text on BBC News this evening, it stated that most of the civilians were killed by SL soldiers! So, how then did nearly 300,000 plus Tamil civilians, kept forcibly against their will by the Tamil Tigers, as ‘Human Shields’ manage to flee to the safety of the Sri Lankan Army occupied territory? And all were helped by soldiers, given water and food and later shelter in camps at great expense to the state, until large areas were cleared of landmines planted by the LTTE. Many civilians trying to flee to safety from the clutches of the LTTE were executed by the LTTE.

As pointed out by Keheliya Rambukwella, Government Spokesman, the report narrates alleged events of the last two weeks of the war. Had they prepared a comprehensive report on all the atrocities committed by the LTTE during the past 30 years, sometime ago (and not two years after the war ended!), Tiger leader Prabhakaran and his evil cohorts could have been tried in an International Court of Law for human rights violations and war crimes.

Colombo, in particular, was rocked with bombs for years. My window panes used to rattle. Fearful of explosions, I stopped driving and gave away my cars. I developed a ‘siege mentality’ and avoided going out. When I had to, it was with my heart in my mouth, to be quite honest. We are finally free of terror and the Tamils in the North and East can live without fear.

After terrorist bombings, every tenth house lost a loved one. I used to drive past their homes with black or white funeral flags and weep.

No one has referred to the hundreds of officers and thousands of soldiers who died during the final days of the battle and the thousands of soldiers who were maimed for life. Don’t their lives matter? All the victims of terrorist atrocities must feel great sorrow that no mention has been made of them in the UNSG Panel Report.

I thank President Mahinda Rajapaksa and members of the Security Forces for freeing us from terror. I am personality grateful for their valiant decisive action to free us from the scourge of terrorism, hopefully for good.

Linda Van Schagen,
Mt. Lavinia.

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