Tele-medicine comes to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s first tele-medicine centre was launched in Colombo yesterday. The centre is a joint venture between Afro-Asia’s largest hospital network, headquartered in Chennai and Serenity Health Referral Services.

Telemedicine is the term used for the process, where healthcare services are provided when the patient and the doctor are far apart.

Chief guest at the launch Deputy Health Minister Lalith Dissanayaka said Sri Lanka, being a technology driven country, the latest initiative between India and Sri Lanka would add to healthcare connection between the medical fraternities of both countries.

He said that India had plenty of experience in the field of medicine, thus sharing their expertise would certainly be a boon to the local medical sector.

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation Manager Kevin Devasia said telemedicine was designed to take quality healthcare and specialty services to areas where it was not available.

He said that the facility could also be used for continuous medical programmes, and online discussion between doctors etc.

He told The Island that their telemedicine programmes were very successful in a number of countries. In Chennai alone they have more than 35 consultations per day and in Delhi there was a large overseas market.

He said that they decided to launch it to the Sri Lankan market after extensive studies done by Serenity Health Referral Services. However, he said that their investment on the project was marginal as it had to do with technology.

Serenity CEO Nilmini Withana said that they are planning to launch the system in towns other than Colombo as it is a useful tool for patients and the medical fraternity.

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