Buddhist Cultural Centre opened; Havelock Rd. renamed ‘Sambuddha Jayanthi Mawatha’


The newly constructed "Buddhist Cultural Centre" was declared open by President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday as a part of the 2600 Sambuddha Jayanthi commemorative programme. It is said to be the world’s largest Buddhist information resource centre. Following the opening of the 16-storey Sri Sambuddhathva Jayanthi Mandira yesterday, the Havelock Road, where the Center is located will be renamed the Sri Sambuddhathva Jayanthi Mawatha. The International Buddhist Information Centre was built by the Buddhist Cultural Centre of Nedimala, Dehiwala on a plot of land provided by the state. It consists of an auditorium with 600 seats, libraries, language laboratories, training centres, counseling centres, book shops and other facilities. The picture shows President Mahinda Rajapaksa unveiling the name board of Sambudathwa Jayanthi Mawatha.

Pic by Sudath Silva

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