Now, KP reveals LTTE-DMK links

Begs India’s forgiveness for Rajiv Gandhi assassination



Former LTTE chief arms procurer Kumaran Padmanathan (KP) has revealed links between DMK led by M. Karunanidhi and the LTTE and the conspirators behind the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

In an exclusive video interview with an Indian television network, THLMediagrove which was aired on Monday night, KP, who is now in Sri Lankan government custody, said that LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran had personally ordered the assassination of Gandhi in May 1991.

Asked who had plotted and was involved in the killing of Rajiv Gandhi, KP said that Prabhakran and LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman had planned the assassination. "Everyone knows the truth. Those who were involved in this murder were from the LTTE intelligence wing along with those who were arrested. It was well planned and actually carried out by Prabhakaran and intelligence chief Pottu Amman. Everyone knows the truth.

I want to say to the Indian people and especially the Gandhi family… I want to apologise for Prabhakaran’s mistake. Please forgive us, we beg you. Our people are struggling here, please help our people to live as humans. Sorry for all this, we know the feelings of the son (Rahul) of Rajiv Gandhi. It’s human nature – how father and daughter are attached (reference to Rajiv’s daughter Priyanka).

KP asked the Indian government to engage with Sri Lanka in a manner that allows for a peaceful settlement which gives a chance to Tamil to develop and forget the past. "If you look 50 years back, our people – educationally, economically – they were first. Today, we are behind them 50 years. So the point is that these people should live and work on modern technology…it’s a new era…If you go to your country you will see internet, computer facilities everywhere. If you go to Mulakanvil, they don’t have any facilities – nothing.

I feel that our people should live as humans. We have already paid a high price we don’t have anything to lose.

KP also revealed that on around 16 or 17 May 2009 the UN and a foreign government had asked if some LTTE leaders were ready to leave the country and if so they could send a ship and take them somewhere. "In January 2009 we were trying to stop the war. I tried very hard day and night to stop this war, but especially our side (LTTE), until the last moment, were unwilling to support that. So I lost that hope. At the last moment, around 16 or 17 May (2009), or 15 May, they (UN and a foreign government) asked if they (some LTTE leaders) were ready to leave the country, they could send a ship and go somewhere."

Asked to name the country KP said: "Actually, it was UN with another country. I don’t like to mention the name of the country, but it’s a western country…they tried to rescue, but it was too late. From January 2009 I saw that every time we were late, every move…

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