‘Commando’ Snowy succumbs to injuries sustained in battle with Tigers


The Sri Lanka Army last Tuesday (May 24) saluted one of its much-loved brave tracker dogs, Snowy  (S/080) who died while recuperating from an LTTE grenade attack, sustained in Kambilioya, Welioya on  March 15, 2008 during the Vanni campaign. Snowy was seven years at the time of its death.

It was airlifted to Anuradhapura for medical treatment.  

The Golden Labrador of 4 Commando Regiment had been with its handler, Corporal D. H. P. Sampath since late 2004.

The army said that Snowy had received injuries during a confrontation between troops and the LTTE in the jungles of Kambilioya during a search operation. 

The Regimental Headquarters of Commando Regiment at Ganemulla in its Part I Order, issued on the death of Snowy, in accordance with military traditions, condoled deeply on his death and conducted a fitting funeral with the participation of a large gathering of officers, handlers and Commando troops.

The citation in the Part I Order is as follows;

 "This dog, during his period of service after being born in Sri Lanka, performed extremely well, throwing his full weight behind our success in many operations against terrorists and their hideouts. It is equivalent to a national commitment. His diverse services to this Regiment will continue to be remembered among Commandos. His great service for preservation of the country’s territorial integrity with high level of his intelligence, tracking skills and determined pursuing capabilities will continue to reverberate among us."

 "Its death is a great loss to handlers, fellow-tracking teams, Commando Regiment and the Army in general. While highly appreciating his invaluable services for the sake of peace in Sri Lanka, we (4 Commando Regiment) extend our heartfelt condolences on its demise and wish it attains Nirvana," it added.

Sri Lanka Army after the elimination of LTTE terrorism has been widely using trained dogs for detection of LTTE mines and other explosives in the north and east.

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