Disability activist Dr. Ajith C. S. Perera felicitated


Disability activist Dr. Ajith C.S. Perera has been honoured for his unreserved commitment,competence and invaluable contribution,to the promotion of accessibility to the built environment, enhancing social inclusion with safety for all.

In recognition of Dr. Perera’s efforts the Disability Organisations Joint Front (DOJF), the registered umbrella organisation in Sri Lanka of over 23 active approved disability organisations, presented him with a special plaque recording his distinguished service at a felcitiation ceremony held at Hotel Renuka, Colombo on Saturday.

Perera said that DOJF should be congratulated for the thoughtfulness and the initiative taken in felicitating him.

The international admiration Perera has won and the national recognition he has gained have come through his achievements in different fields: Cricket, Chemistry and Accessibility, in all of which he is well qualified and widely experienced.

He has aggressively promoted with relentless commitment the concept of establishing a society that does not marginalise or discriminate against people on the grounds of inevitable ‘diversity in ability’ in attending to normal day-to-day life and campaigned against arbitrary categorisation of people.

Perera, appearing in person on a wheelchair and seeking redress for all persons with restricted mobility accessing new public buildings, successfully pursued single handed a public interest litigation fundamental rights application under reference SCFR 221/2009, first in October 2009 and then again in April 2011. Due to his unreserved commitment and voluntary efforts,the inherent right of all persons, including the elderly, pregnant mothers, those convalescent and the disabled, to have unhindered safe access to public buildings and facilities received a boost when the Supreme Court gave a landmark order on April 27, 2011.

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