Police save PHI from assault

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The police had to intervene when a person in Maharagama allegedly attempted assault a public health inspector who was participating in the island wide mosquito control campaign.

The Spokesman for the Health Ministry said on Tuesday (21) that there had been several incidents reported from various areas in the Colombo District on the day the Ministry launched its National Mosquito Control Week.

The said person had a large number of mosquito breeding places in his home and its surrounding area. Legal action had been taken against him.

Quoting the Health Minister he said several such incidents of attempted assault and intimidation on PHIs and other officials, who had participated on the first day of the NMCW, had been reported.

Approximately 14,886 premises had been found to have a large number of mosquito breeding places.

The NMCW was launched in 305 MOH areas on the first day. Each of them were divided into seven zones, he said. Approximately 58,706 institutions and homes were inspected yesterday (21) while 14,886 of them had been conducive for mosquitoes to breed. There were 3,183 places with mosquito larvae and 30,139 mosquito breeding places. The owners were warned to clean their premises within two weeks while action was filed against 1,270, the spokesman added.

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