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The media has many uses that range from giving news and opinion, providing education, criticism, dissent, entertainment and venting one’s anger at the establishment, to name some. Of late we see a very special use of the media – for the expression of frustration. And, Channel 4 of the UK scores highest in this category of media today.

 It is at once both a source and channel for those who are still unable to get over the fact that the LTTE has been militarily defeated in Sri Lanka. The means to express their frustration at the failure of the master plan by Velupillai Prabhakaran and other leaders of the LTTE, to use the Tamils of Sri Lanka as cannon fodder to build their dreamland of Eelam. It was a dream, which even in its putative stages was a terrible nightmare for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, and for all who believe in civilized politics.

 Some are happy to call these frustrated people the Tamil Diaspora. I beg to disagree. A Diaspora comprises people forced to flee a country and scattered abroad, who wait eagerly to return to the homeland. Those who are now venting their frustrations through Channel 4, and other means, are people who have no desire to return to the homeland they abandoned in haste; never with a desire to return even to the chimera of the so-called Tamil homeland of Eelam.

 Instead, these are people who abandoned their homeland that was being bloodied by the terror of the LTTE, to seek citizenship in the west as refugees/asylum seekers or any other possible category that would give them a good break in life, outside the problems of the developing countries, and the separatist terror of those whom they now represent.

 And their frustrations are now increasing as there are fears that at least some of them may be compelled to come back to Sri Lanka, due to the tightening of refugee/asylum laws and regulations in the west, including the United Kingdom. So they drive to Channel 4 that is waiting eagerly to produce something bloody and brutal against Sri Lanka, and show this to be a "Killing Field" to which no asylum seeker should ever be sent back.

 Channel 4 is now getting unexpected flak from Sri Lankan envoys in New York, the TV Critic of the Sunday Times UK and many others who have discovered it for the outstanding media fraud it is, and are ready to say so. We now hear that the Tamil "Frustratees" aka Diaspora in the UK are arranging with Channel 4 to make a new documentary on the UK Border Agency.

 It is the target because all of the unverified lies about Sri Lanka presented as the unquestionable truth, with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group and such others standing ready to shout hurrah at such blatant falsehood, has not prevented the UK Government and its Border Agency from deporting Tamils back to Sri Lanka, with the assurance that they will face no harm back at home.

 It is well known that the funds for this documentary will come from the LTTE coffers, and will be channeled through the Global Tamil Forum. The script that is already being written by a combination of agents from AI, HRW and ICG, will be sent for vetting to Navaneethan Pillay the UN Human Rights Commissioner, and to one or more UN Rapporteurs on Torture, Human Rights etc. The tentative title for this documentary is "Sri Lanka – the Bloody Border".

 It is reliably reported that Alan Burt, the British Foreign Office Minister for South Asia, has already been contacted to be a consultant to this project, while the British Foreign Secretary William Hague, has also indicated his fullest blessings for it; although he cannot make an open endorsement due to matters of conflict of interest, being a member of the British Cabinet. Not that such conflicts really matter to politicians hungry for "frustratee" votes". To give the new documentary a cross-party status they have also obtained the willing support of David Miliband, the former Labour leader, with French sub-titling being offered to the former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

 We are told that the Global Tamil Forum and other pro-LTTE groups have already deployed many sleuths near the home, office and other places that are frequented by the British Immigration Minister Damian Green, who has said there is no evidence that asylum seekers in the UK previously deported to Sri Lanka have been mistreated by the Sri Lankan authorities. They are looking for as much dirt as possible on Damian Green, and are ready to make up such dirt if needed, in true Channel 4 style, to throw at him. First, to discredit him, and next, warn any others who may repeat such blatant falsehoods about Sri Lanka, of what awaits them if they ignore the frustrations of the Eelam Tamils in the UK. You can see the terror tactics of the LTTE at work, right in the midst of the UK media.

 More than frustrating, it must even be frightening for those persons who have rushed to settle down in the promised land of the United Kingdom, to learn that they face possible deportation to the country they have been bad-mouthing from the time they set foot on the UK. The fear is not for anything that will happen over here, but for the loss of the UK taxpayer paid benefits they enjoy in Old Blighty. These are people who will not fall in line with British culture, but keep confined to their clannish groups, picking the pockets of the UK taxpayers and carrying out credit card and other frauds to make money for what is the lost cause of Eelam.

 It is a cause that must be kept alive to ensure their stay in the UK, with demonstrations against anything Sri Lankan, which Channel 4 will gladly pick up and BBC will be only too eager to follow up.

The TV Critic of the Sunday Times, UK, AA Gill, does not mince his words when he states of the documentary on Sri Lankan Killing Fields that: "Channel 4 has been flogging this story for more than a year, ever since it was given an un-attributed but disturbing clip of footage that appeared to show Tamil Tiger prisoners being executed. It has showed it so often, to righteously harangue the Sri Lankan ambassador and various spokesmen, that now nobody will talk to it. The channel has accumulated a large collection of samizdat amateur footage from mobile phones and video cameras - mostly un-attributed and uncorroborated. 

"It mixes this footage with comment from unnamed sources with distorted voices and shadowed faces. And human rights lawyers. It was brutal, it was shocking, but it wasn’t journalism."

" Not a second of this has been shot by Channel 4; none of the eyewitness accounts comes from journalists."

 This is the media reality of Channel 4 today. It has stopped producing the true stuff of journalism, and has runaway from journalistic ethics. All to serve the interests of the UK Tamil Frustrateees, sorry did anybody call them the Tamil Diaspora?

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