Only 14, 725 left to be resettled

Further drop in IDPs

The total number of IDPs has been reduced to 14,725 with the Government’s expedited resettlement process. This number includes 13,566 in the Menik Farm Relief Village and 1,159 in the Jaffna Ramavil transit camp, the Policy Research and Information Unit of the Presidential Secretariat said yesterday.

A PRIU release said: "According to the Chief Co-ordinating Officer of the Competent Office for the IDPs, 1669 IDPs from 485 families were resettled in Suvandirapuram, Pudukudirippu on 22 June. Another 1115 IDPs from 308 families were resettled in Devapuram on 24 June while 91 IDPs from 24 families were resettled in Chemmali East, Marithimeipattu on the same day. A further 919 IDPs from 285 families were resettled in Vallipuram on 27 June.

Measures have also been taken to resettle another two batches of IDPs in the areas of the same district within the next week. Accordingly, 1200 IDPs from 339 families will be resettled in Udayarkattu North on 30 June while 639 IDPs from 195 families will be resettled in Kumarapuram, Marithimeipattu on 04 July, the Chief Co-ordinating Officer said.

The Government has resettled 2, 56, 413 IDPs in their places of origin as at yesterday (27.06 2011). This number includes 2, 18, 842 IDPs from Menik Farm Relief Village, 9, 851 IDPs from Jaffna district and 27, 720 IDPs released from all centers for humanitarian reasons.

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