Raids on thin polythene producers, sellers continue

By Ifham Nizam

Despite painstaking efforts by the Central Environment Authority (CEA) to prosecute those dealing in polythene, particularly less than 20 microns in thickness, some manufactures and sellers get away easily due to loopholes in the law.

CEA Chairman Charitha Herath said that the Waste Management Unit of the CEA was engaged in continuous raids on thin polythene manufacturers and sellers.

Within the last three years, nearly 600 raids had been carried out and a fair number of offenders were prosecuted, he said.

Meanwhile, the Southern Province Office of the CEA recently arrested 10 traders selling thin polythene and produced them before Courts. The Galle and Matara Magistrate’s Courts had fined each trader Rs. 5,000.

Herath says what consumers or producers of polythene have to realize is that laws are enforced to ensure their wellbeing and sustainability and that of future generations.

The Authority, with the assistance of several other public organizations banned the use of thin polythene a few years ago.

The ban was imposed through gazette notification 1466/5 of October 10, 2006 and the manufacture of polythene products of 20 microns or below in thickness was prohibited from January 1, 2007.

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