Nominations for called Nat. Integrity Award

Nominations for the National Integrity Award 2011 are now being accepted.

Individuals as well as organizations that have shown exemplary courage for the cause of integrity in the fight against corruption will be considered for the Award, Transparency International Sri Lanka said, in a release issued to media yesterday.

The release said: "The Award is presented by Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) every year on the UN Anti-Corruption day which falls on December 9. This is the seventh consecutive year that the NIA will be awarded.

Individuals and organizations that have acted to significantly combat or impact on reducing or eliminating corruption in Sri Lanka are eligible candidates for the Award. These have to be pioneering, innovative and courageous and preferably be initiatives that can be or have been used as models or best practices locally or internationally.

Initiatives taken by individuals or organizations to create, introduce or implement mechanisms to prevent corruption will also be considered for appreciation.

Nominations should be submitted by a third party. Posthumous nominees will be considered.

Public officials, trade union activists, media personnel, professionals, youth groups, educationalists and women’s groups are encouraged to submit nominations.

TISL has so far celebrated the courage of 10 winners and 5 Special Mention candidates. Among them were courageous and fearless public officials, brave investigative journalists and forthright trade unionists.

The procedure to submit nominations can be obtained from TISL office at 6, 37th Lane, Queen’s Road, Colombo 3."

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