MRI says 4 million persons are anemic

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

A survey carried out by the Medical Research Institute has revealed that four million people in Sri Lanka are anemic. The spokesman for the Health Ministry said yesterday that this was due to the method of food preparation and the dietary pattern.

Many people are either vegetarian or avoid including meat and fish which contains the necessary iron in their diet. The Nutrition Unit of the MRI in Collaboration with the Health Ministry has initiated a six-month programme to overcome this need for iron. 710 families from the Gampaha District have been chosen for the pilot project. They would be provided with ‘Double Fortified Salt,’ which would contain iron and iodine.

The Haemoglobin level in their blood stream would be tested every month during the six months.

The promotion of DFS in for cooking would be decided following the last test carried out. He said that the HG level should increase by the end of six months. DFS would be recommended to manufacturers of cooking salt depending on the final result, the spokesman added.

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