Ex-MC turns public toilet into garage for his car


By Jayantha de Silva

A section of the 100-year-old Colombo Municipal Council owned pubic toilet complex at Kochikade, close to St. Anthony’s Shrine, used by hundreds of devotees who throng the Church daily, was taken over by a former Municipal Councillor and converted into a garage to park his vehicle.

The toilets built for the use of both males and females have not been renovated since 1996. The entrance is blocked by weeds and a garbage dump. Its water supply was disrupted some time back and not restored. Due to the non-availability of water in the toilets two weeks ago, a former Municipal Councillor of the now defunct Council, Mahendra Dharshana De Silva, has installed a tube well to provide water to the toilets at a cost of Rs. 15,000.

However, four years ago, a former PA member of the CMC disregarding the need of a public convenience had converted a part of the unit into a garage to park his vehicle despite public protests. He had demolished four toilets in the process. An overgrown creeper covers the roof of the garage.

As a result, the public as well as the scores of beggars who come to beg for alms are compelled to use the side of the road by the church to urinate. The bad odour emanating causes inconvenience to the worshippers who come to the church and also pollute the environment.

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