CPC processes 2,800 complaints from motorists

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has so far received about 2,800 complaints from motorists claiming alleged damages to their vehicles, caused by using a suspect petrol consignment imported by the CPC recently.

CPC sources said complaints that ran into hundreds per day at the height of the commotion were now tapering off as the 20,000 tonnes shipment has now been mostly exhausted, leaving only a stock of 3,000 tonnes stopped from being distributed by Petroleum Minister Susil Premajayantha last week when he learnt of the problem.

"Therefore, we will separate the complaints region-wise and forward them to regional managers of the Corporation by July 18. The regional managers will in turn be called upon to submit reports on each complaint," they said.

According to these sources after perusing the reports of the regional managers, the Corporation’s marketing division which has received the complaints will make its recommendations to the Petroleum Ministry for any payments of compensation. (RA)

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