SLFPers take to streets in Hingurakgoda against party Gen. Secy.

By Athula Suriya Bandara, Hingurakkgoda Corr

Hundreds of UPFA supporters took to the streets, in Hingurakgoda yesterday, condemning SLFP General Secretary and Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena for asking people to vote for only one contestant for the Hingurakkgoda Pradeshiya Sabha at the local government poll concluded on Saturday.

The protesters shouted slogans and put up banners which said ‘Down with Minister Sirisena, who acted partially’. A group of women protesters tore large photos of the minister into pieces.

Police had to be summoned to disperse the protesters who obstructed traffic.

Addressing the gathering Chaminda Ratnayake of the UPFA, who had polled the second highest number of preferential votes, said the Party’s General Secretary’s act of supporting one member in the fray, overlooking 24 others in the same party, was condemnable.

"The Minister addressing a propaganda rally held opposite my house requested SLFPers to vote only for his favourite. He did not participate in rallies organised by other candidates.

I myself invited him four times, but the minister did not come. Yet, he had time to go and address rallies organised by one particular candidate of the party," he said.

The protesters left when the Police threatened to fire tear gas.

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