Over 20,000 in SL suffer from kidney ailments - Minister

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

"More than 20,000 Sri Lankans suffer from kidney ailments," Said Science and Technology Senior Minister, Tissa Vitharana.

He was participating in the Ecology Farming Summit held on Monday at the Hector Kobbakaduwa Agrarian Researchers and Training Institute.

"The WHO is conducting scientific research to find out the cause for the kidney disease, now rapidly spreading in Sri Lanka. The disease progresses slowly and majority of patients do not detect any symptoms until they are in the late stages. At the last stages of the disease the quality of life of the patient become very poor and the mortality rate is almost 100 per cent if they are unable to find a suitable donor in time for a kidney transplant," he said .

The minister said though some people make comments regarding the cause of the kidney disease by using some hypothetical statistics shown in the tests of their research, so far the others who had engaged in research into this had not succeeded in detecting the main reason.

"Doing scientific research and releasing the final results is a big process. Sometimes, use of agro chemicals can be the cause of this," he added.

Vitharana also said that cancer is spreading fast in the country. Though the use of pesticides is banned as they could cause cancer, farmers still use them. Farmers think that it is necessary to use chemicals to increase the harvest. Because of that attitude of farmers imports of pesticides continue to increase day by day.

He said, "it is necessary to have a proper plan to promote ecological farming to increase the agriculture production without using chemicals as it created lots of health and nature hazards."

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