TULF condemns Norway massacre

TULF leader V. Anandasangaree yesterday condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Norway. The following is the full text of a letter sent to Norwegian Ambassador Hilde Haraldstad by veteran politician Anandasangaree: "The Tamil United Liberation Front very strongly condemns the two dastardly acts of terror that cost many innocent lives. We Sri Lankans are aware, as to how painful it is for the relatives and friends of victims, to bear the agony of loss of lives. These foolish assassins never realize the permanent agony they inflict on the survivors and on the kith and kin of the victims, through their acts by which they gain nothing.

The TULF very sincerely expresses its deepest sympathies to the grieving relatives and friends of the victims of these two attacks and also to the Government of Norway. Let these poor souls rest in peace."

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