Rajitha says Sajith has given up his ambition to lead UNP


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

On time UNPer Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that UNP stalwart Sajith Premadasa had realized that he could not become UNP Leader therefore he had suggested Co-Deputy Learder Karu Jayasooriya be elected as UNP Leader.

The Leadership crisis in the UNP had taken a dramatic turn. Although several UNP stalwarts had changed loyalties, UNP Leader was unruffled because he was certain that he would remain as UNP leader, he said digressing at a media conference on Aquaculture Development in Asia Region held at Government Information Department Auditorium last Friday (29).

Minister Senaratne said that though he was not in the UNP any longer, he would say point blank that MP Sajith Premadasa would never be able to get UNP leadership as long as Ranil Wickremesinghe was in power. Dispassionately speaking, he would take neither Mr. Wickremesinghe’s side nor MP Sajith Premadasa’a side, but as an experienced politician he would say that MP Sajith Premadas’a dream to become the UNP leader was a pipe dream.

He pointed out that MP Sajith Premadasa was trying his best to become the UNP leader taking a bait given by some factions of the UNP. Subsequently he realized he would not be elected leader of the UNP. In political arena in this country, Sajith Premadasa limitations were well-known. Just because his father the late R. Premadasa was capable of becoming the President of this country, his father’s mantle had not fallen upon him.

Minister Senaratne added that MP Sajith Premadasa had asked UNP to elect Karu Jayasooriya to lead the party in place of UNP present leader Ranil Wickcremesinghe. But it was a stupid request made by MP Premadasa because Mr. Wickremesinghe had better political experiences than MP Premadasa. The UPFA government also wished to have a strong Opposition party because it would honour democratic principles enshrined by the government.

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