Massive overtime claims detected at Polonnaruwa hospital


by Nilantha Madurawala


It is alleged that all 20 Management Assistants attached to the Polonnaruwa Hospital earn around Rs 40,000 each month as overtime payments. It is reported that they have claimed overtime for working during weekends without actually working extra

The extra money they have earned is equal to the salary earned by a doctor in the hospital, the sources said.

Normally they mark the time of commencement of work in the attendance

register as 7.00 a.m. and sign off at 1.00 p.m.. Next day when they come to work, they change the sign off time from 1.00 pm to 18.00 hrs, the hospital sources said.

On weekends they come to office and sign at 7.00 a.m. and immediately leave the office without doing any work.Of the 20 officers 16 them have not accepted the transfers offered to them on four occasions and continued to work at the Polonnaruwa hospital.

Four of them, it is alleged, work in the hospital in an authoritative way claiming to be relatives of a powerful politician without even paying heed to the top administrators of the hospital, the sources said.

The hospital sources said that they have deducted Rs 34,000 from the salary of a physician of the hospital and in another instance they had failed to prepare the salaries of a specialist working in the hospital for three months. They also have failed to pay the arrears of salary anomalies of a matron. after it was rectified, the sources said.

In another instance the contract employees of the hospital had kept the accounts of the hospital locked in a room for a number of hours for not having their salaries paid on time.

When contacted Dr Rukshan Belana, Medical Director of the Hospital said that since there was an ongoing inquiry on the locking up of the accountant books, he cannot comment.

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