Reformists won’t leave UNP


by Zacki Jabbar

The group campaigning for Co-Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya to replace Ranil Wickremesinghe as leader will not leave the UNP, but continue their agitation from within, says Rosy Senanayake MP.

She told The Island that they would not do a repeat of 2006, when Karu led a revolt to dethrone Ranil and on failing in his mission joined the government with 17 others.

"No, we will not leave the party. We are UNP’ers foremost and want to ensure that the party emerges victorious once again", said Rosy, a prominent member of the Sajith Premadasa Group which has been campaigning for a change in the leadership.

Rosy, said that it was due to their protests that the leader nominated his deputy to unite the party and she was happy that at least he was listening to the views expressed by the rank and file. When the UNP increased its voter base at the April 2010 parliamentary poll, followed by the adoption of a new constitution, its members hopes and aspirations rose, but the party’s poor performance at the recent local government polls to 65 councils has revived calls for the leader to step down, she said.

Rosy said that it was Ranil who had destroyed the party by not giving due recognition to capable people and it was high time he quit and gave his Deputy a chance to unite all UNP’ers.

Asked about the possibility of an election to decide on a new leader, she said that many appointments made to the 93 member Working Committee were unconstitutional and such a body cannot be entrusted with the task of selecting office bearers.

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