Oslo killer met LTTE activists in Norway?


Israel’s top diplomat in New Delhi alleges LTTE inspired suicide attacks on Jewish State

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Could there be a link between Norway-based LTTE operatives and Anders Behring Breivik, who bombed the Norwegian government headquarters in Oslo and wiped out a youth group on a nearby island on July 22 killing over 80 civilians?

Responding to a query by The Island, informed sources said that the Norwegian could have had a link with the LTTEactivists in Norway.

Breivik, in his 1,518 manifesto, which was released hours before he carried out the massacre, said had felt that Europe should follow the LTTE example of expelling the Muslims from Sri Lanka. He had interpreted the expulsion of Muslims from the North in October/November 1990, by the LTTE at gun point, as a move by the government of Sri Lanka to drive out the Muslim community.

The killer’s manifesto also referred to the Anuradhapura massacre in 1985 and the slaughter of Muslims at the Kattankudy Mosque, in August 1990.

He had been in close contact with UK based radicals and also bought equipment from western suppliers, including Polish merchants.

During a recent visit to Colombo Israel’s top diplomat in New Delhi, accredited to Colombo, Mark Sofer told The Island that the LTTE had influenced those causing mayhem in the Middle East. He alleged that LTTE suicide attacks had inspired those targeting Jewish targets.

The Sri Lankan embassy in Oslo is seeking additional information and making inquiries regarding the Oslo massacre.

Political sources said that while Norway was funding Sri Lankan NGOs to promote the LTTE and a long standing settlement between Sri Lanka and the LTTE, a section of the Norwegian youth drew inspiration from LTTE terrorism.

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