Questionable IV sets sent to govt. hospitals

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Health Services Trade Union Alliance urged the Health Ministry to recall all substandard IV sets, used to administer saline to patients, from all government hospitals and health institutions.

President of the HSTUA Saman Ratnapriya said yesterday the particular stock had been purchased and distributed to hospitals by the Medical Supplies Division in June.

He urged Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena to carry out investigations into the matter. The Covering of the IV sets manufactured by a medical products company in China has white stickers pasted on them. The sticker covers a hole in the covering of the IV set. All the coverings have this white sticker on them, Ratapriya said. The IV sets have to be completely sterilised to destroy any contamination be it bacteria or virus.

He said the hygienic quality of the said IV sets was questionable and would pose severe threats to the patients.

The MSD has acquired 160,000 suspect IV sets through local purchasing at a cost of over Rs. 3.5 million. They have been distributed to the National Hospital, Matara General Hospital and several other major hospitals. A large number have also been used in treating patients.

Ratnapriya added that health authorities and the MSD had not taken steps to withdraw the inferior IV sets from hospitals despite hospital authorities being informed of their poor quality by their medical staff.

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