Pranic Healing and Eng. Deva Somasundaram


BY Nan

I was privileged to talk with Mr Deva Somasunderam and found the hour spent with him edifying and inspiring since primarily here was a gentleman talking about helping people who were sick and dispirited. I was advised to speak with him by a person who had benefited vastly to rid herself of persistent headaches by the pranic healing he practices.

History of Pranic Healing

Pranic healing goes back in time to almost the beginnings of civilization. The Egyptians manipulated energy and used it for their rituals. We know they worshipped the sun and thus would have utilized its energy. In ancient India this type of healing would surely have been prevalent since esotericism was a major aspect of ancient beliefs. The word ‘prana’ itself has its origins in Sanskrit. The fact of a life force or prana was recognized as a universal force by the ancient Chinese who termed it ‘ch’. In Japan this force was called ‘ki’ while the ancient Greeks referred to it as ‘pneuma’. The Polynesians called it ‘manna’. Sri Lanka too had and has its beliefs like aswaha and healing was sometimes done by bali and other ceremonies with out-of-the-natural forces being reined in.

Modern pranic healing had its origin as recent as 1987 when a Philippine scientist of Chinese birth named Choo Kok Sui found that in South East Asian countries there was a method of healing harnessing universal energy. He researched this phenomenon that seemed to be very successful in healing and giving balance to people’s minds. Being impressed, he applied scientific investigation to his studies, meaning, he removed cultural and religious aspects and distilled the scientific form of healing using universal energy. He founded the Pranic Healing Foundation in Manila, and started practicing and teaching the method in a scientifically. He wrote many books and so his method of healing spread around the globe.

What it is; basic


The brochure given to me details pranic healing as "the ancient science and art of non-touch and no-drug healing, which utilizes Prana or Universal Energy to heal oneself or others of physical and psychological ailments. Every physical body, be it man or animal, is surrounded by an aura or bioplasmic body…. Mental stress and strong emotional disturbances directly affect this energy which in turn adversely affects the physical body. Hence by manipulating this aura or energy body and bringing about an improvement within it through pranic healing, the physical body is healed of its ailments or diseases". It is a holistic method where the cause of suffering or pain or incapacity is removed or overlaid with stronger life forces or energy. Life force is everywhere and pranic healing draws on it, and gets the one needing healing to do much of it himself. It is not merely healing, rather is it so pervasive that the quality of life is improved; the atmosphere of home and office too improve. It relieves stress and we all know stress is the culprit in many illnesses and much suffering.

Mr Somasundaram detailed the method used. When a person seeks treatment, be it for persistent headache, emotional depression, or any other disability or disease, the healer detects where the ailment is and what the ailment is by running his palm along the forehead or affected leg or whatever. Then with the patient cooperating, the diseased energy from the affected part is replaced with fresh energy using breathing techniques and powerful meditation. Thus physical ailments with time are healed, emotional impairments erased with energy empowerment which reduces stress.

A flyer announcing the method mentions as results and benefits the eradication of stress; developing good memory; relieving headaches, heart and kidney problems; and even enhancing your appearance and personal relationships which all lead to a happy and fulfilling life. This certainly is believable.

Mr Somasundaram stressed the fact that pranic healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. It is a different type of healing which has no medicines and no side effects of a negative nature. The patient after treatment not only feels physically better but emotionally too, and is rejuvenated in mind. He is to a large extent stress free and empowered to heal himself and keep himself well.

Two main principles are followed: the principle of self recovery and the need for prana. A body knows how to heal itself; nature takes a bigger hand. The second principle is that for life to exist, the body must have prana. Life force or prana being applied to affected areas of the body accelerates the natural healing process.

This type of healing has spread to many countries. In the United States it is given due recognition and nurses are taught its methods. In India it is included in the All India Council for Technical Education and offered as an outpatient facility in several hospitals, while in Malaysia, Ghana and Dubai it is a Government approved complementary therapy. In Sri Lanka its influence is spreading with the Pranic Healing Foundation headquartered at 20 Moor Street Wellawatte, and affiliated to the Foundation in Manila. Deva Somasundaram and approved license holders both heal and train others. Healing is on weekdays between 10 in the morning and 1.00 pm, and again between 5.00 and 7.00 in the evening. Weekends are for training.

The Healer

Deva Somasundaram was an irrigation engineer. He said that many were the treks he undertook in his daily work in thick jungles where he observed first hand how certain persons had special powers. For example his journeying party would invariably include a person able to ‘command’ elephants. This tracker would know, almost by instinct or some special power, where an elephant or herd was and so they could avoid trekking in that area. When confronted with an animal, solitary ones being the most dangerous, the tracker would murmur a ‘mantra’ that would send the elephant away. He also said that often his family lived in areas where no doctor or hospital was available. His growing children often needed cures for minor ailments. He would then summon the loyal ‘seeya’ who invariably put the child right, sometimes even with no ‘medicine’ being given. Thus his interest in the esoteric, in the beyond-normal. He vowed to himself that once he retired he would scientifically study these phenomena. At retirement he came to know about pranic healing, learnt it and tried it out with success.

To him, good health does not mean the absence of illness or disease. It is a positive state of living where the mind and body work efficiently and in tandem to keep away illness; where good forces overcome the bad. And that is pranic healing.

I was very impressed by Engineer Somasundaram’s almost ascetic appearance. Slim and tall standing, he seemed in perfect good health and stress free. His calm manner would surely inspire confidence in those who come to him for healing. He does it as a service, I gathered. When I asked him about his charges, he said: "People put money in a till we have. We do not specify payment. We are open to all, those who can afford to pay and those unable to." Treatment is done on prior appointments.

Anyone who wishes to have more details may contact the Foundation on tel. no. 011 2580048 or email:

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