Freight forwarding industry to be regulated

By Pabodha Hettige

Sri Lanka Merchant Shipping Division has taken steps to regulate the freight forwarding industry, Director General of Merchant Shipping Shantha Weerakoon said. "Regulations have been already gazetted to provide a license to all the registered freight forwarders," he said.

Regulating the freight forwarding industry is a timely need due to the increasing number of complaints received on excessive amounts charged by the freight forwarders to clear goods. The industry itself has demanded that regulations be imposed to govern certain areas. "We have already received such complaints especially from large scale exporters and those who come to Sri Lanka from Middle Eastern countries," he said.

Weerakoon said there were nearly 400 freight forwarders in Sri Lanka and under the current setup the trade cannot be controlled without a proper licensing system. Even the presidential committee on maritime matters had recommended the introduction of regulations and Merchant Shipping authorities have had several consultations with shipping agents and freight forwarding associations in this regard.

"The office of the Director General of Merchant Shipping will issue the license in the near future to minimize the inconveniences caused to the clients," Weerakoon added.

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